Our Partners

To ensure sustainability along the entire value chain we only cooperate with reliable and certified partners. They are continuously striving to design their processes in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. To give a few examples:

  • With its own water treatment plant for 10,000 tons of waste water a day, Luthai, one of our partners outside of Europe, proves that environmental standards can also be set high in China. Water from neighbouring companies and households is also processed in the plant, in order to guarantee that standards of environmental protection in the region are met.
  • Esquel is a good example of the fact that the highest standards can also be met outside of Europe. The OEKO-TEX-certified textile producer works sustainably and with a great deal of social responsibility. In the most recent sustainability report, it is confirmed that, among other things, in the last ten years energy savings of 43% and water savings of 62% have been achieved.
  • Jenny Fabrics AG, a Swiss family company with which ETERNA has been working together for a long time, took up the causes of environmental protection, textile ecology and sustainability at an early stage. For example, the company committed itself to reducing CO2 emissions and optimising energy efficiency long before its STeP certification.
  • The Appenzell weaving mill has been a partner of ETERNA for many years and has been following and continually developing its sustainable philosophy for a long time. Following STeP certification by OEKO-TEX and voluntary participation in the sustainability programme of the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector, its responsible working conditions and environmental protection were recently reinforced by a code of conduct.
  • AG Cilander is one of Europe‚Äôs leading Swiss suppliers of pioneering finishing services, and as a partner to ETERNA it is a sustainability pioneer too. It has been investing in water- and energy-efficient machinery since it was established. For example, carbon emissions have been reduced by switching to biofuels. Cilander has achieved the highest level of STeP certification by OEKO-TEX.