Design and development

VISIONS are at home here

Visions have been the creative impulses at ETERNA since it was founded in 1863. This continued after the company headquarters moved from Vienna to the Bavarian city of Passau, where the ETERNA shirts and blouses are still designed and developed to this day.


Everything defined in the design dictates the entire value chain. Quality, sustainability and fashion awareness are inextricably linked at ETERNA.

As early as the design and development stages of shirts and blouses, ETERNA pays attention to the quality of the raw materials to be used later.

Inspiration from around the world

The design team finds inspiration at fashion exhibitions and store checks, in magazines and trend books. Trends from all sectors (lifestyle, food, travel, etc.) play an important role in this process.

The collection comes from the colour concept.

An initial colour concept for the collection, from which inspiration grows.

What the material has to be capable of

The requirements for the material are defined and developed with the suppliers.

Perfect fits

Sample designs of shirts and blouses are made smaller or larger by degrees, in a process known as gradation, to find the perfect fit.

Establishment of models and styles

Definitive models in corresponding variations are developed and the style elements of the shirt or blouse and what fits it is to be produced in are decided here – the ideas become more concrete.

The styling

Now it comes down to the styling. The creative team works out details: which collar shape, cuffs, buttons and patches are currently in fashion and suit the fabric and the design?

Fabric structures and innovations

Following the specifications of the design team and together with ETERNA’s partners, matching fabric structures are selected, innovations developed and trends implemented.

From the idea to the product

And that is how a vision turns into your shirt or blouse – your GOOD SHIRT from ETERNA.