The origin of our cotton

Only three per cent of the cotton harvested worldwide meets our high standards. But it is not only quality demands that are decisive for the origin of the cotton – fair working conditions and responsible treatment of nature in cultivation are of the same fundamental importance.

Three per cent worldwide meets our standards

The best-quality, finest and longest of US cottons, the extra-long-staple (ELS) Pima cotton is cultivated in Georgia, among other places. Under the brand name Supima, it has become synonymous with the finest cotton worldwide. Monoculture is consciously avoided in the cultivation of Supima cotton, which makes pest infestation less likely and protects the soil.

Egyptian, or Mako, cotton is long-staple quality, fine and has a silky shine. Indian cotton, on the other hand, is mostly irregular and hard. The majority of the global cotton harvest is short- and medium-staple cotton, with only seven to eight per cent long-staple and two to three per cent extra-long-staple cotton.